MEMBER OF LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY 

                                                                                                                 Haji Zameerullah Khan
                                                                                                     (KOIL MLA)

Haji Zameerullah Khan, father Haji Naseerullah Khan and mother name is Mrs. Irtzai Begum is born May 1964 in Uper court, Aligarh ,
He was a MLA from Aligarh CIty from 2006 to March 2012 and now again he is elected as a MLA but other constituency Aligarh Koil, and he  is a person of high morals and integrity. He is modest, compassionate and easily accessible by common men. Political arena of Lucknow did not corrupted him and he stick to the moral and ethical values taught to him by his family.
He grew up in a poor neighborhood of Aligarh and attended S.T. High School (Minto Circle) but family situation forced him to abandon his educational dream and provide helping hands to support the family. Even though living in the education city,Aligarh, he did not received an official degree from any University but his always missed what he could not achieve in education so trying to make sure, the kids of our time should not have to go through the same agony to leave education. He is continuous making efforts to support school education,especially in the poor neighborhood of Bhojpura, Jeeonegarh, Jamalpur, Shahenshabad etc
In spite of the fact that he belongs to the main opposition party in UP, he tried his level best to deliver Aligarh’s due share from the development.Did not received any cooperation from sitting M.P. from ruling party and her Minister husband but never gave up his efforts to play his role in the development of his constituency.
This is a high time to make a decision and to elect a person, who came from a modest background, knows our problems, and can fight for our rights until his last breath. Let us come out and use our fundamental right to elect a government of our people, who can work for us not for some invisible elites who does not even know our problems.

Name : Haji Zameerullah Khan
Father :Haji Naseerullah Khan
Mother : Mrs. Irtzia Begum
Wife : Mrs.Tabassum Khan
Date and Place of Birth : June 1964 in Upercoat Aligarh
Date of Marriage : 12th April 1985  
Position Held: Former MLA Aligarh City   
                          Formar Mahanagar President 
Address : Hatiduba, Dhodhpur, Thana Civil Lines, Aligarh
Mobile No :     8765954774

          With CM                                                               On Ist March with family 
                                        Haji Zameerullah With Dr. Waqar Ahmad Shah(Minister of Labour &Employment)
                                       Haji Zameerullah and Baba Fareed with Mr. Maanpal Singh(Minister of Transport)

MLA City


Name : Mr. Zafar Alam
Father : Mr. Anwarul Haq
Mother : Mrs. Manzoor Fatema
Wife : Mrs. Farida Zafar
Date of Birth : 7th of December 1944
Date of Marriage : 28th of Jan. 1973 
Qualification : Engineerig from AMU Aligarh
Job : Link Lock Owner 
Address : Kela Nager , Thana Civil Lines, Aligarh
Mobile No : 9837095249                                                   

  With Dr. Rakshpal Singh and Er. Sheikh Zoha Usmani
                                                                                                                MLA Atroli

                                                                                                          VIRISH YADAU
                                                                                                     MLA Atroli

Name : Viresh Yadau 
Date of Birth : 15th of March 1962
Mobile No: 9759666444  
                                                                                                              MLA Charrah
Rakesh Singh

Name: Rakesh Singh
Date of Birth: 25th of March 
                                                                                                              Er. Sheikh Zoha Usmani. 


  1. do u have any vacancy for mla
    i interest

  2. zameer ullah bhai
    Road of dhorra qabirstan on small gate side is in worst possible condition. plz do something before rain or it will become hell.

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    Plz contact Shubham Sharma mob-+919897701340

  4. Plz maintain road to albat school. Daily people met with an accidents there, due to worst condition of roads. Noone can even walk on them properly. Its a request on behlaf of all the children of albarkat school.

  5. Plz maintain road to albat school. Daily people met with an accidents there, due to worst condition of roads. Noone can even walk on them properly. Its a request on behlaf of all the children of albarkat school.

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  8. Dear Sir

    With due respect I want to inform you that recently I am shifted to Firdaus Nagar, Baraula Bypass Road, Behind Masjid Ali, Zam Zam Bazaar Street, Near Mairaj Hospital, Pin-202002. Here in this locality there are more than 150 houses and all the peoples who lives in this locality are well educated and many of them are work in government sectors.
    My complaint is that in this locality peoples are suffering from lot of problems and due to which we all are unable to live in a healthy atmosphere. Few of the problems I am going to list here:
    1) No sanitation and cleaning of public streets and drains
    2) No repair and maintenance of drains
    3) No measures to control spreading of contagious / infectious diseases (e.g. Spraying of antibacterial spray using Spray Gun – basically for diseases like Malaria etc.).
    4) No removal system for the heaps of garbage
    5) No removal of the deberis
    6) No sanitation and cleanliness of Garbage Houses

    Due to all such problems. we suffers a lot. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards
    Fahad Iqbal
    Mobile: 8285458727

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  10. माननीय ,
    में हिमांशी सिंधु बी० कॉम० [प्रथम वर्ष ] आई० ऍफ़० टी० ऍम० यूनिवर्सिटी पढ़ रही हूँ | मैंने सत्र 2016 में ब्रिलियंट पब्लिक सीनियर सेकंडरी स्कूल से 12 वी० फर्स्ट डिवीज़न से पास किया है| में दिनांक 22/12/2016 में मुझे लैपटॉप प्राप्त होना था जो में बी० कॉम० परीक्षा के कारण प्राप्त नहीं कर पायी अथार्त मुझे आते आते सायं हो गयी थी | मुझे विद्यालय से फ़ोन आया था की आज आपका लैपटॉप वितरण में नाम आया है और मेरा नाम इन्टरनेट वितरण सूची व विद्यालय वितरण सूची में भी है |
    महोदय मुझे लैपटॉप प्राप्त कराने की कृपा करें या प्राप्त करने हेतु कुछ निर्देश देने की कृपा करें |
    नाम :- हिमांशी सिंधु
    पिता का नाम :- चन्द्र पाल सिंह
    कॉलेज :- ब्रिलियंट पब्लिक सीनियर सेकेंडरी स्कूल
    पता :- A -13/147 38 वी० वाहिनी० पी० ए० सी० रामघाट रोड अलीगढ 202001
    मोबाइल न० :- 8445150734, 08267081511


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